L2Reign Beta Test
March 20, 2019

Hello everyone, I am very pleased to inform you that L2Reign has entered beta test, we want all players to help us to test as many problems as possible by reporting through the NPC Reporter in Giran.
Some time before the grand opening the server will suffer wipe, but all participants of the beta test will receive a certain amount of L][ Reign Coin, so do not be discouraged.

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45 Players Online
1º   Shaolin 244 pvps
2º   MiVeRgA 175 pvps
3º   XXXDIABLOXXX 121 pvps
1º   Leonhartd 7 pks
2º   Morgana 6 pks
3º   Shaolin 6 pks
1º   TheKings lv 11
2º   OnlyVip lv 11
3º   ALLDIE lv 11
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