L2Reign - Lineage 2 High Five.

Launch date: 10 April, 2019
Server time: GMT -3
Rates: Exp: 5000x / Sp: 5000x / Adena: 5000x
Auto loot - Automatic pick up (except raid's drops)
Subclass & Noblesse: NPC Giran
Inactive accounts for 6 months will be automatically excluded.

Server Economy

L][ Reign Coin, Elmore Coin and Dressme Coin.


AIO buff system
NPC buffer
Buff slots: 28 + 6 slots.
Dance slots: 14.
Buff time: 2 hours.

Enchant's information

Safe: +18
Max Weapon Enchant: +25
Max Armor Enchant: +25
Max Jewels Enchant: +25


Farm system: custom drop areas
Chaotic zone at big boss area (pvp zone)
Spawn Protection.
Event NPC Invaders.


New periods on each 07 days.
Allows to register only 1 character by computer.


All Injection Protections
DDoS protection
1º   NaRiKo 336 pvps
2º   Xa0S 333 pvps
3º   Shaolin 244 pvps
1º   D4N13L 9 pks
2º   Leonhartd 8 pks
3º   Xa0S 7 pks
1º   xRonin lv 11
2º   OnlyVip lv 11
3º   TheKings lv 11
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